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Phoenix Models July Release 2019 for PRE-ORDER


Phoenix Models 1:400
[PRE-ORDER] Airbus Industrie A330-900neo F-WTTE RM150.00 RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Air France A380 F-HPJG RM180.00 RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Amazon Prime Air B767-300ER N1997A RM140.00 RM133.00
[PRE-ORDER] Amazon Prime Air B767-300ER N1381A RM140.00 RM133.00
[PRE-ORDER] Amazon Prime Air Go Gold B767-300ER N313AZ RM140.00 RM133.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Airlines 60th B777-300ER B-18006 RM160.00 RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Airlines Cargo 60th B747-400F B-18701 RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Southern Airlines A350-900 B-308T RM160.00 RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Comair British Airways B737MAX8 ZS-ZCA RM130.00 RM124.00
[PRE-ORDER] Etihad Airways A350-1000 A6-WXB RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Japan Airlines Red A350-900 JA01XJ RM160.00 RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Japan Airlines Silver A350-900 JA02XJ RM160.00 RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Japan Airlines Green A350-900 JA03XJ RM160.00 RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 100th B787-10 PH-BKA RM160.00 RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Ryanair B737-800 EI-GXN RM130.00 RM124.00
[PRE-ORDER] Sichuan Airlines Panda Route A350-900 B-306N RM160.00 RM152.00

Phoenix Models 1:200
[PRE-ORDER] China Airlines A350-900 B-18916 RM410.00 RM390.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Airlines 60th A350-900 B-18917 RM410.00 RM390.00


Phoenix Models June Release 2019 Landed

Phoenix Models 1:400
Air China Star Alliance A350-900 B-308M RM160.00
Air Macau The historic Centre of Macao A320 B-MCI RM140.00
All Nippon Airways B787-10 JA900A RM160.00
Anonymous Airways Paciic B777-300 B-HNO RM160.00
Azul Airlines Pink A320neo PR-YRS RM130.00
China Airlines A350-900 B-18916 RM160.00
China Airlines 60th A350-900 B-18917 RM160.00
Japan Airlines Tokyo 2020 B777-200 JA773J RM165.00
JET2 Airlines B737-800 G-JZBN RM130.00
JET2 Airlines B737-800 G-JZBM RM130.00
Korean Air 50th B787-9 HL8082 RM150.00
Singapore Airlines Star Alliance B777-300ER 9V-SWM RM160.00
Thai International Airways A330-300 HS-TBE RM150.00
Virgin Atlantic Airways A330-300 G-VLUV RM150.00

Phoenix Models 1:200
Singapore Airlines Star Alliance A330-300 9V-STU RM405.00

JC Wings New Arrivals 01/07

JC Wings 1:400
Anonymous Airlines Negaraku A330-200 9M-MTX RM135.00
Biman Bangladesh Airlines B787-8 S2-AJS RM150.00
Biman Bangladesh Airlines (FD) B787-8 S2-AJS RM160.00
China Southern Airlines 787th Boeing 787 B787-9 B-1168 RM145.00
China Southern Airlines 787th Boeing 787 (FD) B787-9 B-1168 RM155.00
Nepal Airlines A330-200 9N-ALY RM135.00
North Korea Government IL-62M P-618 RM145.00

JC Wings 1:200
Air China A350-900 B-1086 RM415.00
Air China Beijing Expo 2019 A350-900 B-1083 RM415.00
Air China Beijing Expo 2019 (FD) A350-900 B-1083 RM430.00
All Nippon Airways B737-800 JA86AN RM250.00
American Airlines B767-200ER N338AA RM385.00
Boeing In House Sunrise B747-8I N6067E RM585.00
China Airlines Carbon Fibre A350-900 B-18918 RM415.00
China Airlines Carbon Fibre (FD) A350-900 B-18918 RM430.00
Japan Airlines Disney B747-400D JA8904 RM585.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines The World Is Just A Click Away B737-400 PH-BDS RM250.00

JC Wings Military 1:72
United States Army Air Force P-51D Mustang 415041 RM150.00

JC Wings Accessories 1:400
Blank Tow Truck RM15.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Tow Truck RM15.00

PandaModel June Release 2019 for PRE-ORDER


PandaModel 1:400
[PRE-ORDER] Royal Brunei Airlines Brunei Government A340-200 V8-001 RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Lufthansa A340-200 F-GNIB RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Tampa Cargo A330-200F N330QT RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Sichuan Airlines A330-200F B-308Q RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] JET2 Airlines B737-300F G-CELW RM155.00 RM148.00
[PRE-ORDER] JET2 Airlines B737-300 G-CELS RM155.00 RM148.00


Aviaton400 and Inflight200 New Arrivals

Aegean Airlines Acropolis Museum A320 SX-DVV RM260.00
Aegean Airlines A320ceo SX-DNA RM260.00
Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVN RM260.00
Aer Lingus A330-300 EI-EDY RM410.00
AeroMexico DC-10-30 XA-DUH RM415.00
Air France A340-300 F-GLZJ RM410.00
Balair DC-10-30 HB-IHKRM425.00
British Airways Manchester B737-200 G-BGDJ RM260.00
British Airways Birmingham B737-200 G-BKYL RM260.00
Delta Airlines B737-200 N315DL RM265.00
EuroWings Las Vegas A330-200 D-AXGF RM410.00
Indian Airlines A320 VT-EYL RM255.00
Iraqi Airways A330-200 YI-AQY RM410.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B737-200 PH-TVR RM260.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines DC-10-30 PH-DTC RM415.00
Lufthansa Star Alliance A320 D-AIPCRM335.00
Lufthansa Star Alliance A320 D-AIQS RM335.00
Northwest Airlines DC-10-30 N226NW RM415.00
Northwest Airlines 50th Bridging The Pacific DC-10-30 N235NW RM415.00
Republic of Korea Air Force KC-30A (A330-200MRTT) 18-001 RM410.00
Royal Saudi Air Force KC-30A (A330-200MRTT) 2403 RM425.00
Sabena Airlines A330-300 OO-SFM RM410.00
Sabena Airlines A340-300 OO-SCZ RM410.00
Swiss International Airlines Red Nose A320 HB-IJI RM335.00
Swiss International Airlines Star Alliance A320 HB-IJO RM335.00
The Hawaii Express DC-10-10 N904WA RM415.00

Lufthansa A350-900 D-AIXA RM140.00
Lufthansa A350-900 D-AIXB RM140.00
Qatar Airways OneWorld A350-1000 A7-ANE RM140.00
Sichuan Airlines A350-900 B-304U RM140.00


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