08/09 - JC Wings and Phoenix Models August Release Landed
New Releases

Phoenix Models September Release 2020 for PRE-ORDER


Phoenix Models 1:400
[PRE-ORDER] Air Hong Kong DHL B747-400 B-HUR RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] AirAsia A321neo 9M-VAB RM129.00 [HOT]
[PRE-ORDER] Anonymous Airlines A380 9M-MNB RM176.00 [HOT]
[PRE-ORDER] Anonymous Airways A350-1000 B-LXC RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] British Airways OneWorld B747-400 G-CIVZ RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Southern Cargo B777-200F B-20EM RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Garuda Indonesia Airways A330-300 PK-GPY RM148.00
[PRE-ORDER] Japan Airlines 20th Arashi Thanks Jet A350-900 JA04XJ RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] Japan Airlines B767-300ER JA621J RM138.00
[PRE-ORDER] Jin Air B777-200ER HL7734 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Kalitta Air DHL B747-400 N740CK RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] Qantas Airways One World B747-400 VH-OEF RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] Thai AirAsia A321neo HS-EAA RM129.00
[PRE-ORDER] Thai International Airways A330-300 HS-TEG RM148.00


Aviation400 for PRE-ORDER


Dear Valued Customers, please bear in mind that PRE-ORDER models are NOT AVAILABLE yet and we don't know when it will be available too. It can take up to 12 months to be in stock. If you can't wait for it, I advise you not to place order. Thank you.

[PRE-ORDER] All Nippon Airways Star Wars BB8 B777-300ER JA789A RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Anonymous Airways City of Hong Kong B777-300ER B-KPB RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] All Nippon Airways B777-300ER JA777A RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Anonymous Airways A350-900 B-LQD RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Anonymous Airways A350-900 B-LRT RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Anonymous Airways B777-300ER B-KQX RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Asiana Airlines A350-900 HL8360 RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Boeing In House World Tour B777-300ER N5016R RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Boeing In House World Tour B777-300ER N5017V RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Delta Airlines A350-900 N503DN RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Hong Kong Airlines A350-900 B-LGE RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Hong Kong Airlines A350-900 B-LGH RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Republic of Singapore Air Force 50th A330-200MRTT 761 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Vietnam Airlines A350-900 VN-A898 RM152.00


JC Wings and Phoenix Models August Release Landed

Phoenix Models 1:400
Air India Guru Nanak 550 Years Celebration B787-8 VT-ANQ RM165.00
Air India Mahatma Gandhi B787-8 VT-ANP RM165.00
British Airways Landor B777-200ER G-VIIC RM170.00
China Airlines B777-300ER B-18053 RM170.00
China Eastern Airlines China International Import Expo B777-300ER B-2002 RM180.00
Etihad Airways Choose Thailand B787-9 A6-BLJ RM170.00
Hifly A330-900neo CS-TKY RM165.00
Japan Airlines JAL Arashi Hawaii B787-9 JA873J RM170.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Biofuel B747-400 PH-BFK RM175.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Swan B747-400 PH-BFE RM175.00
Thai Airways B777-200 HS-TJC RM170.00
Turkish Airlines A350-900 TC-LGA RM170.00
Virgin Atlantic Airways A350-1000 G-VPRD RM170.00
Vistara Airlines B787-9 VT-TSD RM165.00
Western Global Airlines MD-11F N412SN RM155.00

JC Wings 1:400
Airbus Industrie A340-600 F-WWCC RM170.00
American Airlines B737-300 N678AA RM145.00
Chile Air Force B767-300ER 985 RM150.00
China Airlines Special Nose A330-300 B-18353 RM150.00
China Eastern Airlines Disney Duffy Friendship Express B737-800 B-1316 RM145.00
Juneyao Airlines Colourful Petals (FD) B787-9 B-20D1 RM160.00
Juneyao Airlines Colourful Petals B787-9 B-20D1 RM145.00
Saudi Arabian Airlines (FD) B787-10 HZ-AR24 RM170.00
Saudi Arabian Airlines B787-10 HZ-AR24 RM155.00
Shanghai Airlines CRJ-200ER B-3018 RM135.00
Thomas Cook Airlines A330-200 G-MLJL RM155.00
VietJet Air Thomas Cook A321ceo VN-A542 RM145.00

JC Wings 1:200
Alitalia (FD) B777-300ER EI-WLA RM465.00
ANA Wings B737-500 JA301K RM255.00
British Airways Landor Dash-8-Q300 G-BRYI RM250.00
COMAC Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China C919 B-001A RM260.00
EasyJet NEO A320neo G-UZHA RM275.00
Gulf Air 70th Retro B787-9 A9C-FG RM430.00
Japan Airlines (FD) A350-900 JA05XJ RM465.00
Japan Airlines A350-900 JA05XJ RM450.00
Japan Airlines Green (FD) A350-900 JA03XJ RM465.00
Japan Airlines Green A350-900 JA03XJ RM450.00
Japan Airlines Red (FD) A350-900 JA01XJ RM465.00
Japan Airlines Red A350-900 JA01XJ RM450.00
Japan Airlines Silver (FD) A350-900 JA02XJ RM465.00
Japan Airlines Silver A350-900 JA02XJ RM450.00
Japan Airlines Visit Kyushu B767-300ER JA656J RM395.00
Omni Air International B767-200ER N207AX RM395.00
Qatar Executive G650 A7-CGA RM250.00
SAS Scandinavian Airlines A320neo SE-ROH RM260.00
Varig Airlines B777-200ER PP-VRF RM440.00


GeminiJets August Release 2020 for PRE-ORDER


GeminiJets 1:400
[PRE-ORDER] Emirates Airlines UAE in Space A380 A6-EEH RM195.00
[PRE-ORDER] Jet2 Airlines B737-800 G-GDFR RM129.00
[PRE-ORDER] Luftwaffe German Air Force A350-900 10+03 RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] Royal Air Force United Kingdom Voyager KC2 (A330-200MRTT) ZZ336 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] TUI Airways B787-9 G-TUIM RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] United Airlines B777-200 N210UA RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] United States Navy P-8A Poseidon (B737-800) 169332 RM138.00

GeminiJets 1:200
[PRE-ORDER] Frontier Airlines Flower The Hummingbird A320neo N318FR RM243.00
[PRE-ORDER] Luftwaffe German Air Force A310-300MRTT 10+25 RM342.00
[PRE-ORDER] Royal Air Force United Kingdom Voyager KC2 (A330-200MRTT) ZZ336 RM404.00
[PRE-ORDER] United Airlines B777-200 N210UA RM414.00
[PRE-ORDER] United States Air Force Air Force One B747-8I 30000 RM545.00
[PRE-ORDER] United States Navy P-8A Poseidon (B737-800) 169332 RM252.00
[PRE-ORDER] US Airways Express Dash-8-Q300 N326EN RM181.00

GeminiJets 1:72
[PRE-ORDER] Eastern Cincinnati Aviation Inc (General Aviation) C-172R N2386V RM171.00


Inflights200, JFOX and Aviation200 New Arrivals 

Air China B737-800 B-5682 RM320.00
Japan Airlines DC-10-40 JA8545 RM550.00
PLAAF People's Liberation Army Air Force B737-800 B-4081 RM320.00
Xiamen Airlines B737-800 B-5653 RM320.00

Aeroflot A350-900 VQ-BFY RM160.00
Air Caraibes A350-1000 F-HMIL RM160.00
Air China A350-900 B-1081 RM160.00
Air China A350-900 B-1082 RM160.00
China Southern Airlines A350-900 B-309W RM160.00
China Southern Airlines A350-900 B-30A9 RM160.00
Fiji Airways A350-900 DQ-FAI RM160.00
Luftwaffe German Air Force A350-900 10+03 RM160.00
SAS Scandinavian Airlines A350-900 SE-RSA RM160.00
South African Airways A350-900 ZS-SDF RM160.00

Inflight200 / JFOX
Aegean Airlines A321neo SX-NAA RM285.00
Aeroflot B777-300ER VQ-BFL RM500.00
AeroMexico B737-800 XA-III RM335.00
Air New Zealand B737-200 ZK-NAF RM275.00
Anonymous Pacific Airways B777-300ER B-KQQ RM565.00
Asiana Airlines A321neo HL8364 RM285.00
Aviateca Airlines B737-200 TG-ALA RM350.00
British Airways B787-10 G-ZBLA RM520.00
CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China B737-200 B-2501 RM335.00
Condor Airlines A321ceo D-ATCF RM345.00
Japan Airlines B737-800 JA349J RM335.00
Jin Air B737-800 HL7559 RM345.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines The World Is Just A Click Away B737-800 PH-BXN RM345.00
Lufthansa A319 D-AILW RM335.00
Lufthansa Yellow A310-300 F-WWCI RM355.00
Nica Airlines B737-200 N501NG RM350.00
Northwest Orient Airlines DC-10-40 N143US RM550.00
Pan Am B747SP N532PA RM510.00
Qantas Airways B747SP VH-EAB RM510.00
Sabena Airlines B737-200 OO-SDJ RM275.00
Singapore Airlines B777-300ER 9V-SWG RM565.00
South African Airways B737-200 ZS-SIC RM275.00
South African Airways B747SP ZS-SPC RM510.00
Swiss International Airlines A319 HB-IPV RM310.00
Swiss International Airlines B777-300ER HB-JNJ RM565.00
Thai International Airways B737-200 HS-TBE RM275.00
United Airlines B737-200 N9030U RM275.00


NGModel July Release Landed and August Release for PRE-ORDER


NG Models 1:400 (July Release)
AeroMexico B757-200 N801AM RM170.00
AeroMexico B787-9 XA-ADG RM185.00
ATA American Trans Air L-1011-500 N161AT RM185.00
ATA American Trans Air Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays L-1011-500 N163AT RM185.00
DHL Express B737-800BCF N916SC RM170.00
Jet2 Airlines Holidays A321ceo G-HLYF RM175.00
PLAAF People's Liberation Army Air Force Y-20 20041 RM185.00
PLAAF People's Liberation Army Air Force Y-20 20042 RM185.00
Royal New Zealand Air Force 75th B757-200 NZ7571 RM170.00
Royal New Zealand Air Force B757-200 NZ7572 RM170.00
Spirit Airlines A321ceo N681NK RM170.00
Swoop Airlines B737-800S C-GDMP RM170.00
TAP Air Portugal L-1011-500 CS-TEG RM240.00
Wizz Air A321neo HA-LVC RM170.00
Wizz Air A321neo HA-LVH RM170.00
Wizz Air UK A321ceo G-WUKL RM170.00

NG Models 1:400 (August Release)
[PRE-ORDER] Air China ARJ21-700 B-605U RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] American Airlines B757-200 N645AA RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Southern Airlines ARJ21-700 B-605W RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Delta Airlines SkyTeam B737-800 N3758Y RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] Fiji Airways A330-200 DQ-FJO RM176.00
[PRE-ORDER] Jiangxi Air JingDeZhen ARJ21-700 B-605T RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Jiangxi Air JingGangShan ARJ21-700 B-605V RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Las Vegas Sands Corporation B747SP VP-BLK RM181.00
[PRE-ORDER] Martinair B757-200 PH-AHI RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] National Airlines A330-200 N819CA RM176.00
[PRE-ORDER] Qatar Airways B787-9 A7-BHG RM181.00
[PRE-ORDER] Singapore Airlines 1000th B787 B787-10 9V-SCP RM181.00
[PRE-ORDER] Southwest Airlines B737-800 N8650F RM162.00
[PRE-ORDER] Vistara Airlines B787-9 VT-TSF RM181.00

NG Models 1:200 (August Release)
[PRE-ORDER] Skywest Airlines United Express CRJ-200ER N223JS RM224.00