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How time flies. Imperceptibly, My Hobby House has been through the 10th year in Aviation Collectibles industry. Admittedly, it's not quite a long time for a company, but it's surely not a "short" period based on the history of aircraft models. After ten years’ arduous work, we have developed into the world’s trustworthy one-stop aircraft models B2B and B2C platform and established physical store in Malaysia. Now we have customers from more than one hundred countries and states around the world.

Upholding the spirit of advancing with the times, the corporate philosophy of customer first, My Hobby House has been devoting to introduce all kinds of aircraft models, taking every effort to connect various brand manufacturers with global customers.

Along the way, we have gone through the ups and downs, but our confidence never wavered because of you - our lovely collectors. Without your unswerving support and companionship, we couldn't come so far. A simple "thank you" is really not enough to express our sincerest gratitude to you all.

Now, with My Hobby House turning 10 years old, we think it is the best time to give back to you. The biggest ever celebration carnival is about to kick off. Hope you all enjoy it.

The Time of 10th Anniversary Celebration:
1st March 2020 0001 (GMT+8) to 31st March 2020 2359 (GMT+8)

The Details of 10th Anniversary Celebration:
Retail Sales: 30% off from page 10 (100 item per page setting) onward with code "10THANNI" (Clearance Sales included)

How to know the item is entitle for discount or not? Please click on "LATEST PRODUCTS" change show 15 to 100. The first 9 pages which is 900 items shown there are not entitle.


If you receive a Warning on checkout : Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit! It means none of the items in the cart are entitle for discount.

This sale will end on 31st March 2020. All are base on first pay first serve basis and no reservation. All payment must be made within 1 hour after you have placed the order. If you have problem in using the Coupon Code please do not hesitate to send us an email admin@myhobbyhouse.com or Whatsapp +6014-931-3125 Enjoy your shopping at My Hobby House.

Thank You

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JC Wings New Arrivals 06/02

The following JC Wings models are available for immediate dispatch. For more details please click HERE.

JC Wings 1:400
Air China Star Alliance A350-900 B-308M RM140.00
Air China Star Alliance (FD) A350-900 B-308M RM150.00
Air New Zealand All Blacks A321neo ZK-NNA RM130.00
Airbus Industrie 50 Years Pioneering Progress A380 F-WWOW RM170.00
Anonymous Air A321 B-HTF RM125.00
Anonymous Pacific Airways (FD) B777-300 B-HNS RM175.00
Anonymous Pacific Airways (FD) B777-300 B-HNS RM175.00
Anonymous Pacific Airways OneWorld B777-300ER B-KQI RM165.00
Anonymous Pacific Airways OneWorld (FD) B777-300ER B-KQI RM175.00
China Airlines 60th (FD) B777-300ER B-18006 RM160.00
China Airlines 60th (FD) A350-900 B-18917 RM150.00
China Airlines 60th A350-900 B-18917 RM140.00
China Airlines 60th B777-300ER B-18006 RM145.00
China Southern Airlines A350-900 B-308T RM140.00
China Southern Airlines (FD) A350-900 B-308T RM150.00
Croatia Airlines 25th A319 9A-CTH RM130.00
Egypt Air B787-9 SU-GER RM140.00
Egypt Air (FD) B787-9 SU-GER RM150.00
Embraer Empress of London City ERJ-190-100STD PP-XMA RM130.00
Etihad Airways A350-1000 A6-XWB RM145.00
Etihad Airways (FD) A350-1000 A6-XWB RM155.00
Eva Air MD-11 B-16101 RM140.00
Evelop Airlines A350-900 EC-NBO RM140.00
Evelop Airlines (FD) A350-900 EC-NBO RM150.00
Fuji Dream Airlines ERJ-170-200STD JA12FJ RM115.00
HK Express Airways Reward U A321ceo B-LEJ RM140.00
Japan Airlines Red A350-900 JA01XJ RM160.00
Japan Airlines Red (FD) A350-900 JA01XJ RM170.00
Japan Airlines Tokyo 2020 B777-200 JA773J RM160.00
Japan Airlines Tokyo 2020 (FD) B777-200 JA773J RM170.00
Korean Air 50th B787-9 HL8081 RM140.00
Korean Air 50th (FD) B787-9 HL8081 RM155.00
Ryanair B737MAX200 EI-HAT RM130.00
Sichuan Airlines Panda Route A350-900 B-306N RM145.00
Sichuan Airlines Panda Route (FD) A350-900 B-306N RM155.00
Singapore Airlines Star Alliance A330-300 9V-STU RM140.00
Wizz Air 100th Wizz Airbus A321ceo HA-LTD RM135.00

JC Wings 1:200
Air Berlin Flying Home For Christmas A320ceo D-ABNM RM235.00
Air Bridge Cargo B747-8F VQ-BGZ RM540.00
Air New Zealand B777-300ER ZK-OKS RM400.00
Airbus Industrie A32neoLR D-AVZO RM245.00
Anonymous Pacific Airways OneWorld B777-300ER B-KQI RM430.00
Anonymous Pacific Airways OneWorld (FD) B777-300ER B-KQI RM455.00
Bamboo Airways A321neo VN-A591 RM240.00
China Eastern Airlines A350-900 B-304N RM395.00
China Eastern Airlines (FD) A350-900 B-304N RM410.00
Etihad Airways B787-10 A6-BMA RM405.00
Etihad Airways Formula 1 B787-9 A6-BLV RM385.00
Etihad Airways Year of Zayed A380 A6-APH RM520.00
Etihad Airways Year of Zayed B777-200F A6-DDE RM395.00
Fedex Express Panda Express MD-11F N583FE RM390.00
Fokker Fokker-50 PH-DMO RM210.00
Fuji Dream Airlines ERJ-170-200STD JA12FJ RM215.00
Garuda Indonesia Airways Retro A330-300 PK-GHD RM385.00
Hainan Airlines A350-900 B-1070 RM395.00
Hainan Airlines (FD) A350-900 B-1070 RM410.00
Inter Canadian Airlines Fokker-100 C-FICP RM220.00
J-Air Nanki-Shirahama Airport 50th ERJ-190-100STD JA250J RM220.00
J-Air Shimajiro ERJ-190-100STD JA254J RM220.00
Korean Air MD-83 HL7570 RM240.00
Qatar Executive G650 A7-CGC RM235.00
Sichuan Airlines A350-900 B-304U RM395.00
Sichuan Airlines (FD) A350-900 B-304U RM410.00
United Airlines B747-400 N104UA RM530.00
United Airlines (FD) B747-400 N104UA RM620.00


Phoenix Models Jan/Feb Release 2020 Landed

Phoenix Models 1:400
All Nippon Airways B787-8 JA814A RM150.00
All Nippon Airways B787-8 JA817A RM150.00
Biman Bangladesh Airlines B787-8 S2-AJURM150.00
Biman Bangladesh Airlines B787-8 S2-AJV RM150.00
Fedex Express Panda B777-200F N883FD RM160.00
Garuda Indonesia Airways Great Experience A330-900neo PK-GHE RM150.00
Gulf Air 70th B787-9 A9C-FF RM150.00
Japan Airlines Tokyo 2020 B767-300ER JA601J RM150.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 100th A330-300 PH-AKD RM150.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 100th B747-400 PH-BFI RM165.00
LATAM Airlines Brasil Star Wars Galaxy's Edge B777-300ER PT-MUA RM165.00
Myanmar National Airlines B737-800 XY-ALG RM130.00
South African Airways A350-900 ZS-SDB RM160.00


NGModel Dec/Jan Release Landed

NGModel 1:400
Aer Lingus A321neo EI-LRA RM165.00
Air Canada L-1011-1 Tristar C-FTND RM180.00
Air Tahiti Nui B787-9 F-OVAARM180.00
Air Transat A330-200 C-GJDA RM185.00 
Air Transat A330-200 C-GUBL RM185.00
Aeroflot Airlines A330-200 VQ-BBF RM180.00
All Nippon Airways L-1011-1 Tristar JA8509 RM180.00
American Airlines A321ceo N144AN RM165.00
American Airlines Stand Up To Cancer A321ceo N162AA RM165.00
American Airlines B787-9 N832AA RM180.00
British Airtours L-1011-100 G-BBAJ RM180.00
British Airways L-1011-200 G-BGBC RM180.00 
British Airways Open Skies B757-200 F-HAVN RM165.00
British Airways Pause To Remember B757-200 G-BIKW RM165.00
British Airways Pause To Remember Poppy B757-200 G-BMRB RM165.00
China Southern Airlines B757-200 B-2815 RM175.00
Delta Airlines Breast Cancer Awareness B757-200 N610DL RM165.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B737-800 PH-BCG RM165.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 100th B737-800 PH-BCH RM165.00
Pan Am L-1011-500 N510PA RM180.00
Thomas Cook Airlines A330-200 G-TCXB RM180.00
Thomson Airways B757-200 G-OOBE RM175.00>
Thomson Airways Merry Christmas B757-200 G-OOBE RM175.00
TUI Airways B787-9 G-TUIL RM185.00

NGModel 1:200
MexicanaLink Airlines CRJ-200LR XA-GMI RM200.00
MexicanaLink Airlines OneWorld CRJ-200LR XA-PMI RM200.00
Nanshan Jet China Air Rescue G550 B-5999 RM215.00
PLAAF People's Liberation Army Air Force (China Air Force) CRJ-200ER B-4011 RM215.00


GeminiJets FEB Release for PRE-ORDER


GeminiJets 1:400
[PRE-ORDER] Air Bridge Cargo B747-8F VP-BBY RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Air Canada Express CRJ-200 C-FIJA RM100.00
[PRE-ORDER] Cubana Airlines IL-62M CU-T1225 RM114.00
[PRE-ORDER] Dan Air HS-748 G-ARRW RM100.00
[PRE-ORDER] Emirates Airlines Green Expo B777-300ER A6-EPURM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] ExpressJet Airlines United Express ERJ-175 N605UX RM100.00
[PRE-ORDER] Interjet A321neo XA-MAP RM114.00
[PRE-ORDER] KLM Cityhopper ERJ-175 PH-EXU RM100.00
[PRE-ORDER] Qantas Airways 100th B787-9 VH-ZNJ RM133.00 [2ND RELEASE]
[PRE-ORDER] Republic Airlines CV-580 N2728R RM100.00
[PRE-ORDER] Scandinavian Airlines A350-900 SE-RSA RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Southwest Airlines Tennessee One B737-700 N922WN RM114.00
[PRE-ORDER] United Airlines A319 N876UA RM114.00
[PRE-ORDER] United States Air Force Pittsburgh C-17A Globemaster III 00-0185 RM114.00
[PRE-ORDER] United States Air Force Travis C-5M Super Galaxy 50010 RM152.00

GeminiJets 1:200
[PRE-ORDER] Aer Lingus BAe 146-200 (RJ85) EI-RJI RM195.00
[PRE-ORDER] AeroMexico Travel MD-83 N848SH RM224.00
[PRE-ORDER] Delta Airlines B737-800 N3754A RM219.00
[PRE-ORDER] Lufthansa B747-8I D-ABYC RM461.00
[PRE-ORDER] Northwest Airlines CV-580 N3423 RM195.00
[PRE-ORDER] Qantas Airways B737-800 VH-VZI RM219.00


Phoenix Models Jan/Feb Release 2020 for PRE-ORDER


Phoenix Models 1:400

[PRE-ORDER] All Nippon Airways B787-8 JA814A RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] All Nippon Airways B787-8 JA817A RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Biman Bangladesh Airlines B787-8 S2-AJU RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Biman Bangladesh Airlines B787-8 S2-AJV RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Citilink Airlines WOW Air A330-900neo PK-GYC RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] EL AL Israel Airlines B787-8 4X-ERARM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Fedex Express Panda B777-200F N883FD RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Garuda Indonesia Airways Great Experience A330-900neo PK-GHE RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Gulf Air 70th B787-9 A9C-FF RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Japan Airlines Tokyo 2020 B767-300ER JA601J RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 100th A330-300 PH-AKD RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 100th B747-400 PH-BFI RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] LATAM Airlines Brasil Star Wars Galaxy's Edge B777-300ER PT-MUA RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Myanmar National Airlines B737-800 XY-ALG RM124.00
[PRE-ORDER] South African Airways A350-900 ZS-SDB RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Starlux Airlines A321neo B-58201 RM124.00