New Releases

JC Wings New Arrivals

Ace Combat Galm 2 F-15C Eagle Tomcat 011RM340.00
Ace Combat Razgriz F-14A Tomcat 016 RM385.00
Eritrean Air Force SU-27 Flanker 608 RM290.00
Indonesian Air Force Su-30MK Flanker-C TS-3006 RM290.00
United States Navy Shadowhawks EA-18G Growler 500 RM255.00
United States Air Force Desert Storm F-15E Strike Eagle 88-1691 RM265.00
United States Navy VF-103 Jolly Rogers Santa Cat F-14B Tomcat AA201 RM305.00

Ace Combat Galm 2 F-15C Eagle Tomcat 011 RM140.00
Ace Combat Razgriz F-14A Tomcat 016 RM155.00

Air New Zealand All Blacks A320neo ZK-NHA RM235.00
Anonymous Pacific Airways B777-300 B-HNM RM490.00
Croatia Airlines Bravo Vatreni A319 9A-CTL RM230.00
EL AL Israel Airlines Retro B787-9 4X-EDF RM390.00
EasyJet B757-200 OH-AFI RM290.00
Hi Fly Malta Airlines Save The Coral Reefs A380 9H-MIP RM580.00
Japan Airlines Samurai Blue 2018 B777-200 JA8979 RM425.00
Juneyao Airlines Ribbon B787-9 B-207N RM390.00
Juneyao Airlines Flower B787-9 B-1115 RM390.00
People's Liberation Army Air Force (China Air Force) A319 B-4090 RM230.00
Shandong Airlines B737MAX8 B-1271 RM230.00
Shandong Airlines Guomei B737MAX8 B-1275 RM230.00
Vietnam Airlines A321neo VN-A616 RM245.00

Air Berlin B757-200 HB-IHR RM140.00
Airbus Industrie A330-700 Beluga XL F-WBXS RM175.00
Air Mauritius A330-900neo 3B-NBU RM150.00
All Nippon Airways Pokemon (FD) B777-300 JA754A RM150.00 (Restock)
Amazon Prime Air B737-800BCF N5147A RM135.00
Anonymous Pacific Airways B777-200 B-HND RM170.00
Asiana Airlines Star Alliance B777-200ER HL7732 RM140.00
Asiana Airlines Star Alliance (FD) B777-200ER HL7732 RM155.00
Austrian Airlines B767-300ER OE-LAW RM135.00
Belavia Belarusian Airlines World of Tanks ERJ-190-200LR EW-400PQ RM130.00
British Airways B757-300ER G-BZHA RM135.00
Cargolux Sea Life Trust B747-400F LX-ECVRM165.00
China Southern Airlines GuiZhou B737-800 B-6068 RM130.00
Deer Jet B787-8 2-DEER RM145.00
Deer Jet (FD) B787-8 2-DEER RM155.00
EL AL Israel Airlines B767-300ER 4X-EAJ RM135.00
Garuda Indonesia Airways Retro A330-300 PK-GHD RM150.00
Japan Airlines Shimajiro Jet B737-800 JA330J RM135.00
Korean Air B747-400 HL7402 RM170.00
Korean Air 50th B777-300ER HL8008 RM160.00
Korean Air 50th (FD) B777-300ER HL8008 RM175.00
Mcdonnell Douglas MD-90 N901DC RM135.00
OK Air 9999th Boeing 737 B737-800 B-1228 RM125.00
Philippine Airlines The Love Bus A350-900 RP-C3507 RM150.00
Qingdao Airlines A320neo B-302P RM130.00
Royal Air Maroc B787-9 CN-RAM RM140.00
Royal Air Maroc (FD) B787-9 CN-RAM RM150.00
Scoot Air A320neo 9V-TNA RM130.00
Sichuan Airlines Wuliangye A330-300 B-5923 RM140.00



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Phoenix Models November Release 2019 for PRE-ORDER


Phoenix Models 1:400
[PRE-ORDER] Anonymous Air A321 B-HTG RM135.00 RM129.00
[PRE-ORDER] Boeing In House ecoDemonstrator B777-200 N772ET RM160.00 RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] British Airways Negus 100th B747-400 G-CIVB RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Airlines A330-300 B-18357 RM150.00 RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Airlines 60th A330-300 B-18317 RM150.00 RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Eastern Airlines A340-300 B-2380 RM155.00 RM148.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Eastern Airlines Disney Duffy Friendship Express B737-800 B-1316 RM140.00 RM133.00
[PRE-ORDER] Juneyao Airlines Colourful Petals B787-9 B-20D1 RM150.00 RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 100th B787-9 PH-BHC RM150.00 RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Republic of Korea Air Force B737-300 85101 RM135.00 RM129.00
[PRE-ORDER] Thai AirAsia X A330-900neo HS-XJA RM150.00 RM143.00
[PRE-ORDER] Thai International Airways Royal Barge Suphannahong B777-300 HS-TKF RM175.00 RM167.00
[PRE-ORDER] Vietnam Airlines 100th Aircraft B787-10 VN-A873 RM160.00 RM152.00
[PRE-ORDER] Vietnam Airlines B787-10 VN-A872 RM160.00 RM152.00


NGModel October Release 2019 for PRE-ORDER and Inflight200 New Arrivals


NGModel 1:400
[PRE-ORDER] Aer Lingus L-1011-100 G-BBAF RM180.00 RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Air Canada L-1011-500 C-GAGK RM180.00 RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Air China B737-800 B-1219 RM175.00 RM167.00
[PRE-ORDER] Air China Expo 2019 Beijing B737-800 B-5425 RM175.00 RM167.00
[PRE-ORDER] Air New Zealand All Blacks B787-9 ZK-NZE RM180.00 RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] All Nippon Airways B737-800 JA81AN RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] American Airlines B757-200 N691AA RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Boeing In House B787-9 N789EX RM180.00 RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] China Southern Airlines C919 B-00CZ RM175.00 RM167.00
[PRE-ORDER] COMAC Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China C919 B-001E RM175.00 RM167.00
[PRE-ORDER] Continental Airlines B737-800 N77296 RM175.00 RM167.00
[PRE-ORDER] Delta Airlines L-1011-500 N751DA RM180.00 RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Hainan Airlines C919 B-00HU RM175.00 RM167.00
[PRE-ORDER] KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 100th B787-10 PH-BKA RM180.00 RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] Mexican Air Force B737-800S 3527 RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] SriLankan Airlines A330-200 4R-ALJ RM180.00 RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] SriLankan Airlines OneWorld A330-200 4R-ALH RM180.00 RM171.00
[PRE-ORDER] United Airlines B737-800S N77296 RM165.00 RM157.00
[PRE-ORDER] Thomas Cook Airlines A330-200 G-CHTZ RM185.00 RM176.00
[PRE-ORDER] Thomson Airways B757-200 G-BYAI RM175.00 RM167.00
[PRE-ORDER] TWA Trans World Airlines L-1011-200 N11003 RM185.00 RM176.00
[PRE-ORDER] WestJet Airlines B757-200 N750NA RM165.00 RM157.00

NGModel 1:200
[PRE-ORDER] J-Air CRJ-200ER JA208J RM200.00 RM190.00
[PRE-ORDER] Mexican Navy G550 ANX-1201 RM200.00 RM190.00

Aviation400 New Arrivals
China Airlines 60th B777-300ER B-18006 RM160.00
China Airlines Spirit of Seattle B777-300ER B-18007 RM140.00

Inflight200 New Arrivals
Aerosucre Colombia B727-100 HK-727 RM375.00
Air Berlin Retro B737-800 D-ABAT RM330.00
Amerijet International Airlines B727-200F N395AJ RM420.00
China Southern Airlines B737-800 B-5598 RM270.00
China Southern Airlines GuiZhou B737-800 B-6068 RM270.00
Etihad Airways A350-1000 A6-XWB RM420.00
EuroWings B737-800 D-ABAF RM330.00
Japan Airlines Silver A350-900 JA02XJ RM420.00
Japan Airlines Silver A350-900 JA03XJ RM420.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B737-200 PH-TVX RM260.00
Kulula Airlines B737-800 ZS-ZWA RM265.00
LAN Airlines A320 CC-BAR RM365.00
Mango Airlines B737-800 ZS-SJP RM265.00
MEA Middle East Airlines A330-200 OD-MEA RM400.00
Mexican Air Force B737-800 3526 RM330.00
NASA EC-130Q Hercules N427NA RM285.00
Republic of Korea Air Force C-130J-30 Hercules 45-747 RM285.00
Ryanair B737-800 EI-FOC RM330.00
United Airlines B737-800S N37267 RM270.00


GeminiJets September Release and Calibre Wings Landed

GeminiJets 1:400
Air France A350-900 F-HTYA RM150.00
Alaska Airlines B737MAX9 N913AK RM120.00
British Airways BEA A319 G-EUPJ RM120.00
Emirates Airlines Blue Expo B777-300ER A6-EPK RM150.00
Fedex Express B757-200F N920FD RM125.00
Fedex Express MD-11F N625FE RM135.00
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines A330-200 PH-AOM RM135.00
Lufthansa A380 D-AIMB RM175.00
United Airlines B737-800S N37267 RM120.00

GeminiJets 1:200
Air France A350-900 F-HTYA RM405.00
Bangkok Air ATR-72-600 HS-PZA RM180.00
British Airways Landor 100th B747-400 G-BNLY RM475.00
British Airways Landor 100th (FD) B747-400 G-BNLY RM520.00
Delta Airlines A310-300 N818PA RM305.00
Lufthansa A330-300 D-AIKO RM380.00
Northeast Airlines B727-100 N1632 RM230.00
QantasLink B717-200 VH-NXD RM235.00
United Airlines B737-800S N37267 RM230.00

Calibre Wings 1:144
Republic of Singapore Air Force SG50 Black Knights F-16C Fighting Falcon #1 RM110.00
Republic of Singapore Air Force SG50 Black Knights F-16C Fighting Falcon #2 RM110.00
Republic of Singapore Air Force SG50 Black Knights F-16C Fighting Falcon #3 RM110.00
Republic of Singapore Air Force SG50 Black Knights F-16C Fighting Falcon #4 RM110.00
Republic of Singapore Air Force SG50 Black Knights F-16C Fighting Falcon #5 RM110.00
Republic of Singapore Air Force SG50 Black Knights F-16C Fighting Falcon #6 RM110.00
Republic of Singapore Air Force SG50 Black Knights F-16C Fighting Falcon 6 in 1 RM415.00

Calibre Wings 1:72
Robotech Macross Skull Leader VF-1S Valkyrie RM470.00
United States Navy VX-4 Evaluators Black Bunny F-14A Tomcat Vandy 1 RM560.00


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